12 v for driving electromagnets PCA9685

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12 v for driving electromagnets PCA9685

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Im thinking of buying PCA9685 to control the magnetis in 16 electromagnets from raspberry pi. I intend to supply the electromagnets with 12v and connect it according to this image from adafruit. Only supply with 12 v instead of 5 v. 

My question is: can I feed this with 12volts external power? I am a bit confused regarding the specs. Have read a different about this. On some pages it is said that it goes up to 12 V but as far as I can see it says max 6 V in the spec.

For example here at adafruit it says:
" If you have to, you can go higher to 12VDC, but if you mess up and connect VCC to V+ you could damage your board! "

https://learn.adafruit.com/16-channel-p ... er/pinouts

Im not planning to buy it from adafruit but from europe but I guess this is exactly the same:

Can I drive my magnets with 12 v connected to the external powersupply input?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


For the PCA9685 Vdd is only support to 5.5V,about the LED output channels if you use this channel output  to control MOSFET,you can use various voltage on this external circuit to supply MOSFET.

Just as datasheet page35 showing.

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