USBDM programming MC9S08RN48

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USBDM programming MC9S08RN48

Contributor I

Hello together,

I am trying to program an S08RN48, and unfortunately fail doing so.

As this controller isn't in the hcs08_devices.xml, I tried to define it myself.
As I'm not so sure about some parts, and I couldn't find the documentation for it, I asking for your help!

<device family="HCS08Plus" name="MC9S08RN48">
         <clock registerAddress="0x3038" type="S08ICSV4" />
         <memory type="ram">
            <memoryRange start="0x0040" end="0x103F" />
         <memory registerAddress="0x3020" type="eeprom" sectorSize="2" alignment="1">
            <memoryRange start="0x003100" end="0x0031FF" />
         <memory registerAddress="0x3020" type="flash" securityAddress="0xFF7F" sectorSize="512" alignment="4">
            <securityEntryRef ref="HCS08-default-security" />
            <memoryRange start="0x004000" end="0x00FFAF" />
         <soptAddress value="0x3004" />
         <sdidAddress value="0x3002" />
         <sdid value="0x0040" />
         <sbdfrAddress value="0x3001"/>
            <tclScriptRef ref="HCS08-PTxx-flash-scripts" />
         <flashProgramRef ref="HCS08-PTxx-flash-program" />

The memory ranges are ok, but I'm not so sure about the other parts, like flash script, flash security.
I can find the chip already, but am unable to flash it (it starts, but stops after a few seconds - probably the wrong programming script).

Please advise! I don't expect a ready to flash description (though it would be nice), but more the hint in the right direction to get it working! Then I could add RN16, 32 and 60 on my own as well - you never know!

Best regards


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Contributor I

Hello together,

so far I didn't had any success. Has anybody experience in this topic?

I tried some other values/configurations, but didn't get it to run! The PCB is ok, as I am able to program it with another programmer...

I would be very happy for ANY hint!

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