USBDM and new KL26Z

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USBDM and new KL26Z

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I was using USBDM on a FRDM-KL26Z and Kinetis Design Studio to program an external MKL26Z256VLH4 successfully, until through a hardware error I fried the external MCU and the FRDM board.

I obtained replacements, and have tried to set up the new FRDM-KL26Z in the same way to continue working. However when trying to run the debugger from KDS, I get the following errors:

Error response sent: E.fatal.Register read failed

Error response sent: E.fatal.Closing connection

clientSocket error

This is the case when trying any project, using either the onboard MCU or the external MCU.

To set up the new board, I did the following:

  • Flashed it to Bootloader 1.11
  • Flashed MSD_DEBUG 1.14 onto it, and tested it out with my project on both the onboard and external MCUs using PEMicro debugging in KDS. This all ran ok, but slowly with warnings about mismatched target CPU (as expected).
  • Flashed onto it, and repeated testing my project with onboard and external MCUs. At this stage, I get the errors above.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Kinetis Design Studio version 2.0.0, BDM Firmware v 4.10.5, DLL Ver (from UsbdmGdbServer GUI).

For the onboard MCU, I can successfully detect the chip and mass erase it via the UsbdmGdbServer GUI.

What is puzzling is that as far as I can tell, there has been no software changes here - only the hardware.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

UPDATE: discovered that I'd flashed an out-of-date BDM Firmware - now trying the one that matches my USBDM install, 4.11.1. After a successful mass-erase via UsbdmGdbServer, it is now working!

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