Problem with PEMicro Virtual Serial Toolkit (TWR-MCF5441x board)

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Problem with PEMicro Virtual Serial Toolkit (TWR-MCF5441x board)

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I have a Tower setup with the SER2 module and the MCF5441x (coldFire) board. The board has updated firmware (31.21), the PEMicro USB drivers  are up-to-date as well.




With the board connected, I can see the drivers in Device Manager (Win7 64-bit), and all looks good.

I've been having difficulty with Code Warrior for MCUs 10.5 in downloading anything to the target board, and it seems to be based around the communication with the on-board OSBDM/debug USB port.

If I use the P&E virtual serial toolkit, it shows that I can successfully open the serial port (COM3), but the demo does not have any function.


If I try the serial re-director, I get the error message "Failed to Open Multilink USB. Plug DEMO board into PC via USB cable.

Anybody have any ideas?

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