Use MPC5746C with AUTO26 Connector of Trace32

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Use MPC5746C with AUTO26 Connector of Trace32

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I'm planning to use MPC5746C with AUTO26 Connector of Trace32 debugger of LauterBach.

I know how to handle MPC5746C with 14pin JTAG Connector. But I'm not sure if all pins of AUTO26 Connector is compatible with MPC5746C and I'm not used to handle those pins with AUTO26 Connector.

Question 1.

As I mentioned, is all pins of MPC5746C compatible with AUTO26 Connector of Trace32?

Question 2.

If you have application example about usage of MPC5746C with AUTO26 Connector or if you have relevant materials, could you send it to me please?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Sorry for delayed answer. I do not know if your query is still valid (perhaps you have already fix the issue by now). In general in these community space we handle topics related with MATLAB. For HW issues or issues that has nothing to do with MATLAB we try as much as we can to help or to redirect the questions the a more appropriate community space for that particular topic. 

In this case i think the answer/help for this should be addressed in this community: 

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