Unmanned Vehicles (Ground, Air, Water)

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Unmanned Vehicles (Ground, Air, Water)

Unmanned Vehicles (Ground, Air, Water)


NXP® offers solutions for the growing unmanned vehicle market in both civil and defense designs, supporting functions such as control, motion, vision, navigation, and communication. Target applications include:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
  • Construction, demolition, inspection, or mining robot
  • Firefighting or rescue robot

Reference Designs

NXP ProductLink
PX4 Robotic Drone FMU


KV Series Quad Motor Control


Block Diagram

Recommended Products

NXP ProductLink

Kinetis® V Series: Real-time Motor Control & Power Conversion MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M4/M7 |... 

LPC54000|Power Efficient 32-bit Microcontrollers (MCUs)|Cortex®-M4 Core | NXP 

i.MX RT1060 MCU/Applications Crossover MCU | Arm® Cortex®-M7, 1MB SRAM | NXP 

i.MX 6Solo Applications Processors | Single Arm® Cortex®-A9 @ 1GHz | NXP 

i.MX 6Dual Applications Processors | Dual Arm® Cortex®-A9 @1.2GHz | NXP 

i.MX 6Quad Applications Processors | Quad Arm® Cortex®-A9 | NXP 

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth®Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy | NXP 


In-Vehicle Network | NXP 

I²C, SPI, Serial Interface Devices | NXP 

USB Interfaces | NXP 

NFC Reader

NFC Readers | NXP 

Wireless Power

Wireless Power | NXP 

Motor Driver

GD3000 |3-phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver | NXP 

Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage Regulators | NXP 

Switch Detector

Signal Conditioners | NXP 


Sensors | NXP 

Tools and Software

NXP ProductLink
i.MX RT1060 Evaluation Kiti.MX RT1060 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
i.MX RT1020 Evaluation Kiti.MX RT1020 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based on the i.MX 6Quad Applications Processorsi.MX 6Quad SABRE Development Board | NXP 
i.MX RT1064 Evaluation Kiti.MX RT1064 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
Kinetis® KV3xTWR-KV31F120M|Tower System Board|Kinetis® MCUs | NXP 
i.MX RT1015i.MX RT1015 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
3-Phase Motor ControlLow-Voltage, 3-Phase Motor Control Tower System Module | NXP 
i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kiti.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
NXP HoverGames drone kit including RDDRONE-FMUK66 and peripheralsKIT-HGDRONEK66: NXP drone kit | NXP 
Kinetis KV4xTWR-KV46F150M|Tower System Board|Kinetis MCUs | NXP 

BSP, Drivers, and Middleware

NXP ProductLink
Android OS for i.MX Applications ProcessorsAndroid OS for i.MX Applications Processors | NXP 
Embedded Linux for i.MX Applications ProcessorsEmbedded Linux for i.MX Applications Processors | NXP 
MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK)MCUXpresso SDK | Software Development for Kinetis, LPC, and i.MX MCUs | NXP 
MCUXpresso Config Tools - Pins, Clocks, PeripheralsMCUXpresso Config Tools|Software Development for NXP Microcontrollers (MCUs) | NXP 
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