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SDKPac K64F Demo Kit

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SDKPac K64F Demo Kit

The Cypherbridge Systems SDKPac is a collection of embedded device SDKs and Toolkits that can be used out of box to add secure device connectivity to a target project. The SDKPac includes features and standards based protocols for secure IoT connect-to-cloud, gateway, embedded servers and clients, secure file transfer protocols, and electronic data privacy.

This SDKPac demo kit contains applications for the FRDM-K64F Freedom Development Board to demonstrate:

  • uSSL/TLS server demo - connect to the FRDM-K64F Development Board from desktop browser.
  • uSSH server demo - connect to the FRDM-K64F Development Board from uSSH client.
  • uFTP secure FTP file transfer client - connect from the FRDM-K64F Development Board to FTPS server using FTPS secure file transfer protocol.
  • uMQTT subscribe and publish examples interfacing to broker service

Just drag and drop any of these pre-built binary applications on the FRDM-K64F Development Board to hit the ground running with your SDKPac demo today.




  • uSSL SDK micro-content HTTPS server
  • uSSH SDK server for secure telnet replacement
  • uFTPS Secure file transfer Toolkit and command line client
  • uMQTT client
  • mmCAU Crypto Engine Support
  • Integrated with MQX/RTCS 4.1
  • OpenSDA CMSIS-DAP Debug using SWD connection
  • USB Serial Port Interface
  • 10/100 Ethernet


SDK Connectivity

  • uSSL/TLS 1.2 server and client, X.509
  • uSSH 2.0 server and client
  • uSCP Secure Copy Protocol
  • uFTPS RFC 959, 2228, 4217
  • uMQTT 3.1 Client subscribe and publish


System Diagram


Software Diagram


17822_17822.pngSDKPac FSL FRDM K64F Demo Picture.png


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