NXP’s Autonomous Vehicle Platform - BlueBox

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NXP’s Autonomous Vehicle Platform - BlueBox

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NXP’s Autonomous Vehicle Platform - BlueBox

Demo Summary

An autonomous vehicle platform leveraging NXP’s new BlueBox engine, and deploying NXP silicon and software solutions at each ADAS node. The system demonstration incorporates the BlueBox central computing engine, together with radar, lidar, and vision sensing, as well as an on-board secure V2X system





Demo / product features


BlueBox—a unique solution designed to help meet the stringent automotive safety, power and processing performance requirements of autonomous vehicle platforms

S32V automotive vision and sensor fusion processor

LS2085A embedded compute processor

Up to 90,000 DMIPS at < 40 W, ISO 26262 supported


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Document Number: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-330366





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