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Industrial Rover

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Industrial Rover


Drones, Rovers, and other Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) are being utilized across various industries including first responders, municipalities, and agriculture, as well as continued support and system development for the Department of Defense. As time progresses, more exciting practical uses are being uncovered. Whether the system is expected to deliver special payloads or protect people from malicious activities, UV systems require a high level of security, reliability, and performance.

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Category NameProduct URL
MicroprocessorQorIQ® Layerscape Processors Based on Arm® Technology | NXP 
Secure AuthenticatorA1006 | Secure Authenticator IC: Embedded Security Platform | NXP 
A71CH | Plug and Trust for IoT | NXP 
Motor Controllers (MCU)Arm® Cortex®-M7|Kinetis® KV5x Real-time Control MCUs | NXP 
Arm® Cortex®-M4|Kinetis KV4x Real-time Control MCUs | NXP 
i.MX RT1020 MCU/Applications Crossover Processor | Arm® Cortex-M7 | NXP 
i.MX RT1050 MCU/Applications Crossover Processor| Arm® Cortex-M7, 512KB SRAM | NXP 
i.MX RT1060 MCU/Applications Crossover Processor | Arm® Cortex®-M7, 1MB SRAM | NXP 
Motor Controllers (DSC)MC56F84xxx|Digital Signal Controllers | NXP 
Performance Level Digital Signal Controllers, USB FS OTG, CAN-FD | NXP 
MC56F82xxx | NXP 
Radar MCUS32R Radar Microcontroller - S32R27 | NXP 
Camera Sensor MCUi.MX RT1050 MCU/Applications Crossover Processor| Arm® Cortex-M7, 512KB SRAM | NXP 
BLE MCUArm® Cortex®-M0+|Kinetis® KW41Z 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Thread Zigbee Radio MCUs | NXP 
Electronic Speed Controller MCUArm® Cortex®-M4|Kinetis KV4x Real-time Control MCUs | NXP 
Led DriverASL150ySHN | Single-phase Auto LED Boost Driver | NXP 
AVB SwitchSJA1105TEL | Five-Ports AVB and TSN Automotive Ethernet Switch | NXP 
Battery MonitorMC33772 | 6-Channel Li-ion Battery Cell Controller IC | NXP 
Wireless Charger15 Watt Wireless Charging Transmitter ICs | NXP 
AccelerometerDigital Sensor - 3D Accelerometer | NXP 

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