Which device can assist me in obtaining raw NFC data?

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Which device can assist me in obtaining raw NFC data?

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"Hi NXPer,

I have purchased some evaluation boards PN532 & OM23221. We plan to implement the FIDO NFC feature using your chips. Could you recommend which of your chips would best help us achieve this goal?

For example, the general protocol between a FIDO2 client and an authenticator over ISO7816/ISO14443 NFC is as follows:

1.The client sends an applet selection command.

2.The authenticator replies with a success message if the applet is present.

3.The client sends a command for an operation.

4.The authenticator replies with response data or an error message.

We want to access raw APDU command data from NFC via I2C or SPI using an MCU. Which chips would you recommend for this purpose?





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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Thank you for your interest in our products.

There are some points I need to address;

• PN532 isn't recommended for new designs, for this reason, the support from our side is quite limited. If you are interested in a newer reader, PN7160 is recommended.

• NTAG I2C plus doesn't support APDU commands since, it is a Type 2 Tag

• If you want to have a better recommendation for FIDO-certified products, please contact your Distributor.

I'm very sorry for not being able to provide a recommendation but, this is a mass-market channel and the information you are requesting is secured.

Best Regards,
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