SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C enabling SCL interrupt

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SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C enabling SCL interrupt

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I have question about UFH tags SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C. We had implemented this kind of chips on our boards considering usage of possibility of generating interrupts on SCL line. Actually we are able to program tag sucesfully with configuration block set to 0x00 10 as shown on the screenshot. Unfortunately we are not able to get interrupt signal on SCL line. Is there any additional steps We should take to make this functionality work properly?


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I am trying to enable the SCL interrupt using an M6E-Nano reader and this Python library (GitHub - gotthardp/python-mercuryapi: Python wrapper for the ThingMagic Mercury API).

I am afraid, I do not understand the datasheet correctly.


So the first 16 bits contain the fixed command 1110 0000 000 0111.

The next eight bits are fixed 0000 0000.

Then, the bits to toggle SCL INT enable would be 0000 0000 0001 0000 according to datasheet table 10.

What does RN mean? Register Number? SCL Int enable has RF bit address 20Bh, which corresponds to 0000 0010 0000 1011.

Thus, toggle bits XOR RN16 is 0000 0010 0001 1011.

Could someone please confirm, that I am doing the right thing? Do I need the CRC-16 here?

Next step would be to concatenate all binary values and convert this into hex representation, which is then passed to the bytearray?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks,


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I had the same problem, the interrupt works only after write and read "download register" for the bridge function (1F0h to 1FFh in EPC). Maybe there was a problem.