NT3H1201 REQA/WUPA fails on second time

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NT3H1201 REQA/WUPA fails on second time

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We have an NT3H1201 being read by TRF7970A reader. As it stands right now, TRF7970A does NOT send HLTA command when it finishes querying NT3H1201. The RF field is simply shut down.

On first attempt, NT3H1201 will reply to REQA/WUPA command and carry the required operations; data exchange using passthrough mode.

On second attempt (300-400ms after first), the NT3H1201 will not reply to REQA/WUPA command.

Seemingly, the only way to recover is to wait an extended amount of time (several seconds) between each query which is not ideal.

My assumption is the NT3H1201 device gets stuck in ACTIVE state on the RF transmitter part and timeout back to IDLE after a while. Is there some way to force device back to IDLE state from the I2C interface?

If not, any ideas why the second REQA/WUPA is not acknowledged?

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