Is there a somewhat more simpler example code available about PN512

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Is there a somewhat more simpler example code available about PN512

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I got myself an EXPLORE evaluation board to get started with the PN512. My goal is to use the PN512 for several types of Mifare cards (using 1 and 3 step anticolission loop) and retreive the cards UID. This all using my own MCU controlling the PN512.

I have found the NFC reader library with example code, but it is too comprehensive for me to actually get a good idea what steps need to be taken and what parts to configure. The information stays a too abstact to get a good picture. Is there a somewhat more simpler example code available, not using several layers?

For example: accoring to the datasheet the PN512 should be configures with the CONFIG command, sending 25 bytes to fifo... and so. NFCID1, NFCID2 and NFCID3 are required for this. So there is a 10-byte NFCID split up in three parts? But how to choose this NFCID? Is it related to the type of Mifare cards I want to use or is it related with specific cards that are allowed to be authorized? And an 8 byte PAD and a 2 byte System Code is mentioned, but also here I don't understand how to choose this. Maybe I should be able to find this from the example code from the NFC reader library, but I can't Sad

All explanation or help is much appreciated!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Jinhui Wu:

Thank you for using the NFC community.

Unfortunately I am not aware of standalone example projects for the PN512, only the examples provided with the NFC Reader library. The library is aimed exactly at abstracting the low level commands so that you only need to care on the application.

If you are struggling with the library I recommend you to have a look at the chm help file in the library installation:

NxpRdLib\docs\14_user_doc\NXP NFC Reader Library.chm


Jorge Gonzalez

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