CLRC663 doesn't respond after LPCD mode

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CLRC663 doesn't respond after LPCD mode

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We are targeting to use CLRC663 chip to our NFC solutions.
Currently we are using a CLEV6630B board to evaluate the NFC functionality with LPCD. We ported the NXP NFC lib to our board and successfully able to read the NFC tag A and F. But once we turn on the LPCD mode, CLRC663 doesn't respond any more. "Not respond" mean CLRC663 doesn't send back the UART data for register reading. What should suppose to check on our side?

We are connecting the CLEV6630B to our board via UART.

We understand when the CLRC663 got in to LPCD mode, it will standby until detects cards or reseted by the host. But we assuming at least CLRC663 would respond to the R/W register because the NXP NFC lib was coded so.

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