NXPNCI-KDS_Example with KSDK v2.1

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NXPNCI-KDS_Example with KSDK v2.1

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NXPNCI-KDS_Example with KSDK v2.1

The NXPNCI-KDS_Example for the PN7120/PN7150 Arduino interface boards available in NXP webpage at the time of publishing this document includes a project compatible with KSDK v2.0 for FRDM-K64F platform. With the latest KSDK v2.1 some changes in the drivers along with the later FreeRTOS v9.0.0 make the build process fail when following the instructions in the application note AN11845 NXP NCI KDS Example due to incompatibilities.

Meanwhile until the project in NXP webpage is updated there is a temporary project attached to this document fixed to work with KSDK v2.1.

The steps to build this project are the same as explained in the appnote, summarized below:

- Download and install KSDK v2.1 for FRDM-K64F using MCUXpresso SDK online builder:

Welcome to MCUXpresso | MCUXpresso Config Tools 

  1. Create a new workspace in KDS IDE.
  2. Import the "NXPNCI-KDS_Example_KSDK2.1" project from the archive file.
  3. Update the PROJECT_KSDK_PATH build variable according to the installation path of KSDK v2.1.
  4. Build the project.

For more details please refer to the application note AN11845.


Jorge Gonzalez

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