How to add RTCS to a Processor Expert Project Using KDS and KSDK

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How to add RTCS to a Processor Expert Project Using KDS and KSDK

How to add RTCS to a Processor Expert Project Using KDS and KSDK

Hi Community,

Based on How To: Create an MQX RTOS for KSDK project with Processor Expert in Kinetis Design Studio IDE from macl​ and dereksnell you can find in the attached document the steps to include RTCS to a KDS3.0 project using KSDK1.2 and Processor Expert as well as the final project.

Thank you RBORB​ for providing the first draft of this process.

For information about creating a new KSDK project with MQX and without Processor Expert please see the following document.

How To: Create a New MQX RTOS for KSDK Project in KDS

If you are looking for a simple document to get started with KSDK please see the following document.

Writing my first KSDK1.2 Application in KDS3.0 - Hello World and Toggle LED with GPIO Interrupt




I've imported the attached project and get the following error when building:

../Sources/rtos_main_task.c:29:18: fatal error: rtcs.h: No such file or directory

#include <rtcs.h>


compilation terminated.

make: *** [Sources/rtos_main_task.o] Error 1

Kind regards


Hi Roger,

You need to build first RTCS library. For FRDM-K64 you can find it here:


I forgot to mention this requirement in the guide. I will update it.



Hi Carlos

The guide was very helpful.

Would be nice to have one also for adding MFS with an SDCARD?

Kind regards


Thanks Roger,

Sounds good, I will talk about it with my team.



Hi Carlos

Did you get chance to talk with your team?

Kind regards


Hi Roger,

I did, but there are many other projects in the queue and we cannot define when could this document be created.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Roger,

Here you can find the steps needed to add MFS and Shell support to your current MQX-KSDK and PEx project.How to add MFS and Shell support to a new MQX RTOS for KSDK and PEx project

I hope this can help you,

Best Regards,


Very good example!

Very very useful - 10X.

I sometime observe a strange phenomenon:

The ETH phy leds indicate a link (green led) even when the ETH cable is disconnected.

Thid avoid ETE from deliver packets.

This is observe only when using the debugger'

So I speculate that PHY init may be the cause.

What shall I do?

Since I have a FRDM-K64F board, like the example describes, this worked for me.  Where I'm not clear, though, is how to move this process to a different target board.  If someone doesn't have FRDM-K64F, TWR-K60D100M, TWR-K64F120M or TWR-K65F180M (the four targets with paths to import), what then?  My real target, using the MK64FN1M0VLQ12, is similar to the FRDM-K64F but certainly not a match.

So, how does one go about setting up the RTCS project for a different hardware target, before following the instructions in the PowerPoint file?


I started my project on my MK66FX1M0VLQ18-based custom hardware just following this great tutorial.

All the KSDK firmware packages (HAL libraries, DRV drivers and middlewares) are well integrated with the provided examples on evaluation targets FRDM-xxx and TWR-xxx. But (like when I started working with Kinetis cpus using CodeWarrior 10.1 and MQX 3.7) it is very hard to port a Kinetis example project running on a target different from evaluation boards. Also, it is hard to have own Kinetis projects exported from the KSDK folder tree in a user location.

MQX 4.0 came with BSPCloningWizard tool, which was what I had always wanted to start new projects on my custom hardware. Unfortunately, KSDK does not have a tool like that, yet.

So, I think starting today a new Kinetis project with KDS 3.0.0 + PEx + KSDK 1.3.0 is the best way for custom hardware. Processor Expert generates all the code for HAL, drivers and MQX RTOS needed by the application. And the project is created in a custom folder without any link to the KSDK folder tree. Wonderful!

If my project needs to handle a TCP/IP stack and/or a file system, with this tutorial I can add RTCS and/or MFS library to my project. Unfortunately again, how to port and build the RTCS and MFS projects on my custom hardware?

Maybe, Erich Styger can help us....

I found his tutorial on where he creates a project with KDS + PEx + KSDK, adds the lwIP source folder to his project and adjusts the include paths to the compiler settings.

Adding the RTCS and MFS source folder to the project is the right way to overcome RTCS and MFS libraries porting and building on a custom hardware?

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