Register lock with consideration of safety manual

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Register lock with consideration of safety manual

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Hello Community,

In our system we want to implement the safety measurements, which are described in the safety manual for MPC5744. Under the point SM_125 it says:

Assumption:[SM_125] Configuration registers, and registers that aren't modified during

application execution, should be protected from unintended software write accesses (e.g.

with a Hard Lock Protection). [end]

What can I understand with these configuration registers? In the software, if I want to change the baud rate of LINFLEX, I should change the register value of it. Is it also counted to configuration registers? If so, should I do unlock of the register and then lock it after modificaton?

The same thing is also considerable for C55FMC registers (C55FMC_MCR, C55FMC_LOCK). If I lock them, I cannot write in the FLASH.

Thank you for explanation in advance.

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