Measuring function time / cycle counter on MPC5748G

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Measuring function time / cycle counter on MPC5748G

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I am trying to implement an API to accurately measure code samples running times.

I did a similar thing on an ARM Cortex M4 core, using a cycle counter register.


I cannot find a similar register in e200z4 core.
I've read about people using the decrementer register as a cycle counter.

I tried accessing this register using ASM_KEYWORD (Diab compiler), but it didn't assemble. 


I then read the MPG5748G does not have a decrementer register, even though it has 2 e200z4 cores?
MPC5748G with OS tick lower than 1ms (100us) - ChibiOS Free Embedded RTOS 


What is the formal solution for cycle counting on this chip?

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