MPC5777c Sending JTAG Password with Green Hills

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MPC5777c Sending JTAG Password with Green Hills

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Hello everyone!

I would like to ask you guys about unlocking a the MPC5777c using JTAG password.

Already I have configured the censorship module with a value of 0x55FF, I am sure that JTAG password is correctly written in the UTEST memory. I have a green hills debugger and I am using MULTI. Reading  through the MULTI documentation, I have found that in order to send the JTAG Password for unlocking the MCU, I need to use the commands  set censor_hi , set censor_lo, and  set censor_unlock. But I do not know how to make them run. I have tried to send them through the command pane without success. Furthermore, I tried to add the censor commands to the .mbs file and no success either.

Does anybody know hot to use or set such commands properly? I have searched in the documentation and in this forum, and I have not found anything.

I appreciate your attention and support

Thanks guys

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Omar,

We do not use GHS debuggers, so for help on them is better to contact GHS support.

The JTAG password is 256-bit, and I see you using some hi/low commands, which does not seem to me correct. (For 64bit it would be good)

Have a look how lauterbach does it:

sys.option.keycode 0x01234567 0x89abcdef 0x01234567 0x89abcdef 0x01234567 0x89abcdef 0x01234567 0x89abcdef


My bet is that you are not entering whole 256bits , but just first 64bits (which was used in previous family. this was for MPC56xx common

Best regards,


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