MPC5602 - UL 60730 test libary

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MPC5602 - UL 60730 test libary

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Can you please tell me if there is a library available from NXP/Freescale for MPC5602 controller to test for UL-60730 safety standard?

I believe the core for the controller is e200z0h.




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Bhavya,

I received similar question about S32K1 and MPC5602D some time ago, so let me re-use the answer:


S32K1xx family of devices targets mainly automotive applications, it is designed according to ISO26262 ASIL B.

SPC5602D is an older design also for automotive but ISO26262 was not available at that time. In ISO26262 terminology, this means that the type is Quality Managed.

These devices do not target IEC60730 explicitly, proactively.

In case of S32K1xx, we provide materials which are required by ISO26262 – Safety Manual, FMEDA... These documents are available on SafeAssure community. Notice that it is necessary to get access rights as described here:

We provide core self test software for S32K1:


For more details about devices supporting directly IEC60730 see this web page:

There are links to supported devices.

Let me add that we have only core self-test software in case of SPC5602D:

And then we have Autosar MCAL:

We do not provide IEC60730 compliant library for SPC5602D.




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