LIN Master-Slave Communication Issue for MPC5748G

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LIN Master-Slave Communication Issue for MPC5748G

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I am testing LIN Master-Slave Communication over MPC5748. I am using LINFlexD_0 as Slave and LINFlexD_2 as Master. Schematic for LIN transceiver is attached. (Note – Jumper J1 is not used)
I am using example code from -
I observe that the program is infinitely stuck in the while(0 == LINFlexD_2.LINSR.B.DTF) of below function.

void TransmitData(uint16_t bidr_value)
    /* store the data in the message buffer BDR */
    LINFlexD_2.BDRL.B.DATA0 = 'H';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRL.B.DATA1 = 'e';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRL.B.DATA2 = 'l';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRL.B.DATA3 = 'l';

    LINFlexD_2.BDRM.B.DATA4 = 'o';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRM.B.DATA5 = '!';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRM.B.DATA6 = '!';
    LINFlexD_2.BDRM.B.DATA7 = '!';

    /* Master to publish x bytes with ID and CCS from bidr_value */
    LINFlexD_2.BIDR.R = bidr_value;

    /* Request header transmission */
    LINFlexD_2.LINCR2.B.HTRQ = 1;

    /* Wait for data transfer complete flag */
    while(0 == LINFlexD_2.LINSR.B.DTF);

    /* clear the DTF bit */
    LINFlexD_2.LINSR.R = 0x0002;

Please advise.

Shantanu Joshi

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