How to use MPC5744P NMI_B pin?

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How to use MPC5744P NMI_B pin?

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Hi everyone:

    I meet a problem when I use MPC5744P board(SCH-27887 REV B1, 700-27887 REV A), the board uses MC33907L as the power supply for MPC5744P, and when something goes wrong, MC33907L provides a interrupt signal which connected to the NMI_B pin on MPC5744P.

    When I read WKPU.NSR register, I found WKPU.NSR.B.NIF0 == 1, that means there is a NMI interrupt occurs and MPC5744P detects the interrput, but the program does not enter any interrupt service routine, so I cannot handle the interrupt.

    I would like to know how to configure the registers related to NMI interrupt, its better if anyone can provide an example for me.

    Apologize for my poor English, and I hope someone can help me!

Best Regards


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