FMEA & The max limited current of pin RXD, TXD of PCA82C250

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FMEA & The max limited current of pin RXD, TXD of PCA82C250

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Dear engineer of NXP,

I am doing failure analyse, because the can transeiver PCA82C50 can't communicate normaly.

What will happen, if the input current through TXD/RXD is larger than the max limited current , when I connect a small resistance between 5V supply and pin TXD/RXD. Will it lead to communication failure , or IC damage?(Figure1)


  1. I need to know what limited current(min., max., typ.) of pin RXD , TXD, just like TJA1044 datasheet's decription(Figure2).
  2. It is beterr if there is a pin FMEA description  document about PCA82C50 .(Figure3)

But I can't find any one just like above two point from datasheet or application hints about PCA82C250.

Figure1 Problem Source(from datasheet PCA82C250.pdf)


Figure2 PIN TXD, RXD of TJA1044(from datasheet TJA1044.pdf)


Figure3 TJA1044 PIN FMEA(from application hints AH1308_Application_Hints_Mantis.pdf)


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