Build tool Optimization settings for MPC5777C using S32DS

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Build tool Optimization settings for MPC5777C using S32DS

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Hi, we are using S32ds for development using  MPC5777C . However the default settings are running overall system slower than expected. I would like to understand the options we can use to optimize the for performance. I need compiler and build system related optimization options focusing on following points.

1. Usage of SPE instructions

2. Usage of VLE 

3. Reducing volatile context switch timings (usage of APU)

4. Fast ISR execution and thus settings for low latency interrupts.

5. Usage of floating point instructions in optimized way.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


1) If you want to use SPE, there is option for Signal Processing in project properties. Please see the figure below:


2) S32DS project uses VLE by default. There is no additional option to enable VLE.

3) I am not sure, what do you mean by APU. Only thing I found is APU exception in e200z7 core, but this is not supported by this core. If you mean Auxiliary processing unit then this unit is not presented, but this functionality is included in EIS. For more information, please see Core reference manual. 

4) You can use Hardware Vector mode instead of software vector mode. Please see chapter 7 in core reference manual and chapter 15.5 in MPC5777C reference manual. 

Please see also example project, which was created for MPC5646R, which is predecessor of MPC5777C.

Example MPC5676R HardwareVectorMode Multicore S32DS 

5) Usage of floating point can be enabled by Use hardware floating point option in Project properties.


Hope it helps.