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SerialManager SPI example(s)

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Hello, where can I found some examples of SerialManager using a SPI connection ? I'm a beginner with the QN9080 platform, I start with wireless/bluetooth examples, trying to add a SPI connection. Do you recommand to use the SerialManager framework, or to use lower level driver (fsl_spi) as in SDK driver examples ?

The framework seems to be not completely mature, am I wrong? I find it not well documented, no examples are provided for SerialManager for example, and I think it includes error.

I use the SDK_2.2.0_QN908XCDK

In SerialManager.c: 

void SerialInterface_Reinit(uint8_t instance)

#if (gSerialMgrUseSPI_c)
   SPI_Init(instance, &mDrvData[i].spiState, NULL, NULL);
#endif /* #if (gSerialMgrUseSPI_c) */

The function SPI_Init(...) is not defined, only Spi_Init(...).

Thanks in advance

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


In the current implementation there are some issues that were reported, and currently we can't provide a fix date for them .

It will depend on what you will try to achieve with the serial manager, still, there are just examples with the UART and not the SPI.

If you want a quick start on it, you might need to modify the SPI_Adapter drivers to correctly fit the QN9080 SPI module, two of the most important blocking issues that you might encounter it's to change that typo and you will also need to change the SPI pins used for the example as those are set in the SWD pins and if you keep using them you won't be able to debug, but all you need to do it's to change the ones that are for SWD for other FlexComm pins

Sorry for the inconveniences this might cause.

Regards ,


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