relocate interrupt vector table in MCUXpresso not working

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relocate interrupt vector table in MCUXpresso not working

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I am trying to flash two application in flash (nano bootloader and one application). Bootloader starts from 0x0 to 0x8000. and my application starts from 0x20000 to 0x40000. But i cant jump from bootloader to my application. I have change application IVT to 0x20000 (SCB->VTOR = 0x20000) and start memory location to 0x20000. while flashing both bootloader and application the jump is not working.

In my bootloader

SCB->VTOR = 0x00020000 & 0x1FFFFF80;

Anything i am doing wrong.

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Hello Sanja Behera,

Before jumping to the application, you have to change to application IVT, load the stack pointer of the application code to the SP register and then call/jump to the ResetISR of the application code. The stack pointer value is available at the first location (0x20000 + 0x00) of the .bin image and address of ResetISR at (0x20000 + 0x04). So after loading the value, try to jump to the application space.

Also refer this thread for more detail and how to implement them...

Jumping to user application from custom bootloader