iMX RT1064, Segger, Debug Program >2MB

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iMX RT1064, Segger, Debug Program >2MB

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I am developing a program for an iMX RT1064 using the Segger J-Link. My program has recently grown to greater than 2MB.

I am using 10.3 MCUXpresso IDE.

When I debug, Segger J-Link downloads a small, low memory, 0x70002000, flash update as soon as I step from main(). Only one or two breakpoints are set.

This is the same behavior when there are more breakpoints than are available in the hardware breakpoint list (6).

However, after the brief download the program does not stop at the next instruction. It is always at a hardware fault.

I updated to 11.1 MCUXpresso and the problem appears to have been resolved.

There appears to be possibly two related problems. 1) The mechanism to support breakpoints > hardware breakpoints is fixed (no hardware fault) and 2) The downloading of programs >2MB had some issue, also resolved.

Are these known problems that were resolved in 11.1? Is so, please indicate the release notes describing the resolution.


One reason I am using 10.3 MUCXpresso and not 11.1 is that I am unable to connect to NXP server to use Config to create mex files for the iMX RT1064.

The connection is in some way blocked by my company's firewall. However, 10.3 works just fine.

The issue is first use of Config for iMX RT1064 requires retrieval from NXP for the 'config' definitions for the RT1064. If I use Config not connected to my company's firewall, Config works as the file is downloaded and use of Config is enabled.

The error is a network connection error.

I did report this issue. There was no response and I can't find the original post.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Keith Smith,

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and
for the opportunity to serve you.
The attachment is the release note of the MCUXpresso IDE, and I don't find the above two issue in it actually.

Have a great day,


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