Wire ACK Fault in DAP Access: Debugger won't run

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Wire ACK Fault in DAP Access: Debugger won't run

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I am trying to debug with MCUxpresso IDE v10.1 a gpio example (gpio_led_output) and when I try to debug it appears that error.

I also tryied to erase flash memory and reinstall the mbed driver for windows but the error still appearing.

Someone know how to solve it and debug correctly?

Thanksdebug problem.JPG

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

What OS / version are you running on?

Have you been able to successfully debug this board previously?

Can you also confirm which board you are using? [I presume from the example you are trying to debug that it is a TWR-KV11Z75M, but it would be good to confirm.] It might also be worth ensuring that the OpenSDA has the latest firmware in it (from http://www.nxp.com/opensda), or even trying the alternate firmware images for SEGGER / P&E rather than the mbed/CMSIS-DAP.


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