MCUXpresso 11.2 and Out of Memory

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MCUXpresso 11.2 and Out of Memory

Contributor V

When using MCUXpresso 11.2 I encountered an 'Out of Memory' error from the IDE.

I updated mcuxpressoide.ini to the following to correct this problem.


I am building the same project I built under 10.3 and did not have any memory problem with 10.3.

Is it expected that 11.2 use significantly more memory than 10.3?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I can't give a strict answer to your question... What I can say is that v11.2 is based on Eclipse 2019.12 whereas v10.3 uses Eclipse Oxygen. So I do expect some differences.

Would it be possible to provide the project that exhibits the problem? Or maybe send us the workspace logs (Help => MCUXpresso IDE Save Info for Support) when using the original maximum heap size and then export diagnostics data after reproducing the problem. Is the out of memory occurring while building the project?

MCUXpresso IDE Support

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