MCUX 11.0.0 - peripherals+ view does not indicate enabled status

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MCUX 11.0.0 - peripherals+ view does not indicate enabled status

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prior to MCUXpresso 11.0.0, the peripherals view indicated whether a peripheral was enabled (powered) or disabled (powered down).

See this screenshot of MCUXpresso 10.3 peripherals view on an LPC1769 board:


Peripherals with a grey background color are disabled.

Now with MCUXpresso 11.0.0, the peripherals view does not indicate the power status of each peripheral any more:


The peripherals are in the same power state as shown in the first screenshot but this is not indicated any more.

I wonder why this is!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

This support was only ever supported via LinkServer debug connectios on a few (older) LPC devices like the LPC176x where the peripheral descriptions were originally written "by hand".

But pretty much every part we have added support for in the last 8+ years has had peripheral information based on CMSIS-SVD format description files generated by chip hardware team, and this file format simply does not provide for this sort of functionality. Thus with these devices, we have never supported the IDE functionality you mention. And for various reasons, rework in the peripheral viewer has meant that this old functionality has now had to be dropped from the frontend of the IDE too - sorry.


MCUXpresso IDE Support

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