MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.0 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.0 Now Available

MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.0 (build 9198) is now available. This is a major new version of the IDE and contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes over the previous versions, including latest announced MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.1.


Installer Downloads

To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 



Additional information can be found in the updated User Guide and other documentation, which can be accessed from the built in help system available via IDE's Help menu and in PDF form from within the installation directory or downloaded from:


Notification of future releases

To receive notifications about future releases, please follow: MCUXpresso IDE - Release History 


Summary of Changes - version 11.7.0 - January 2023

  • Upgraded: Eclipse version to 2022.06 (Eclipse Platform 4.24.0 / CDT 10.7.0).
  • Upgraded: MCUXpresso IDE integrated with JRE Eclipse Temurin (HotSpot engine, build 11.0.17+8).
  • Upgraded: Windows 10/11 version 22H2 and macOS 13 (Ventura) support.
  • Upgraded: Version v13 of MCUXpresso Config Tools.
  • Upgraded: Synchronization with SDK v2.13.x.
  • Upgraded: Newer SEGGER J-Link software (v7.84a).
  • Upgraded: Newer PEmicro plugin (v5.4.1).
  • Added MIMXRT1170-EVKB board support.
  • Added K32W1, KW45, PN7642 devices support.

Note. [KW45] Because ECC RAM is enabled by default, debug application in RAM might not work if the application image contains unaligned sections. In order to avoid this situation be sure at least one of the following rules is considered:

- enable the ECC RAM initialization in the connect script (< layout >/ide/binaries/Scripts/KW45B41_connect.scp - see the comment from line 6).

- use at least 4-byte aligned data structures/variables.

  • Feature: [LinkServer] Support MCU-Link probes running V3.x firmware versions (based on CMSIS-DAP 2.1, using bulk/WinUSB endpoints).
  • Feature: [Boot Configuration] Added Target Boot Control option (in LinkServer launch configuration) to configure device boot mode on the reset requests (issued during a debug session). This feature is only available on MCU-Link debug probe having ISPx boot control features implemented. See "Changing target boot configuration" section from User Guide.
  • Feature: [Open-CMSIS-Pack] Added possibility to explore Open-CMSIS packs and import (middleware) components into an Eclipse project. Note that in the current version of the feature, component dependencies shall be manually added by users. A future version will automatically resolve dependencies and add them into the project:
    • Set a path to work with Open-CMSIS Packs: Preferences ->  CMSIS-Packs -> CMSIS-pack root folder (you can let the existing  one as default)
    • Load/Download/Import Packs: Perspective -> Open Perspective -> Other -> CMSIS-Pack Manager. From Packs view (toolbar) you can: Reload, Check for updates on Web, Import Packs from disc, etc.
    • Once desired packs are available, you can add them into the Eclipse project by right-click on project entry in Project Explorer -> SDK Management -> Add components from Open-CMSIS-Pack and select the desired one from the "Add Open-CMSIS component to project" wizard. The component will be then available on Project Explorer view (the sources being linked to the original pack location), and also on Project Settings with details about its hierarchical path.
    • Components can be deleted from project by selecting the component from Project Explorer -> < select project > -> Project Settings -> Open-CMSIS components, right-click on it, and choose "Delete Open-CMSIS component".
  • Feature: [SDK Integration][SDK GitHub] Added support for paths relative to the manifest file inside the example projects.
  • Feature: [Elf Importer] Import ELF binary/executable. This is available from File -> Import -> C/C++ -> MCUXpresso Executable Importer.
  • Feature: [MQX RTOS] Support for MQX RTOS GDB thread awareness to allow multithread debugging. Note that Task Aware Debug (TAD) views in Eclipse will be added in a future IDE version.
  • Feature: [SDK Integration][Complex dependencies] Support for < not > operator in the dependency conditions.
  • Feature: [SDK Integration] Migrated to new site.
  • Feature: [SDK Integration] Provide CLI utility to merge sub-manifest files: added the manifest.merge command:
    • Running the headless mode with -help manifest.merge generates a template property file, which contains the following:

      • manifest.xml (location of the manifest containing references to sub-manifests).
      • repo.location (repository where the manifest specified in the manifest.xml property is located).
      • merged.manifest.xml (location of the result manifest file).
    • All properties from the template file must be specified for the command to run.
    • The manifest specified in the manifest.xml file must be inside the repository specified.
  • Improvement: [NPW][NHS3xxx] Added NHS3xxx support on Preinstalled MCUs section.
  • Improvement: [Flash Drivers] Various size optimization for flash drivers binaries.
  • Improvement: [SDK Integration] Right Click on Installed SDKs pane provides new option to link with "Download and Install SDKs" feature.
  • Improvement: [Energy Measurement / Power Profile] Display the currently configured measurement range for MCU-Link probes.
  • Improvement: [SWO] Both trace clock and core clock are now exposed for user, for devices that have a TRACECLK different than the core clock (i.e. Cortex-M7).
  • Improvement: [IDE][Quickstart Panel] Added preferences to control activation and auto-selection inside Project Explorer. Check these options on Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Quickstart Panel ->  Project Explorer activation and auto-selection of a project.
  • Improvement: [IDE] Add watchpoint capability from the Peripheral (memory rendering) view.
  • Improvement: [Power Profile] Add new configuration tab for data gathering controlled by trigger in Power profile. Power Profile and Energy Measurement views now both have the UI that allows collecting data based on a trigger; the two views do not share the configuration but they each hold their own user input. This configuration UI will be disabled if either Power profile or Energy Measurement is in play mode.
  • Improvement: [Multicore] A post build step in an multicore environment is now calling a new utility tool (called mcux-fixelf) for multicore image processing purpose. The invoked command can be identified in Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Default tool settings -> Multicore slave template. This is intended for now to replace previous dd utility call plus some additional patches (like fixes for linker's forced relaxation on exidx/extab sections, shifting on secondary core's sections performed when linking full multicore image).
  • Fixed: [RTOS] Add preferences to control persistence of RTOS TAD logs.
  • Fixed: [Zephyr RTOS] When using J-Link and a Zephyr application built with CONFIG_INIT_STACKS=y, after opening the Zephyr TAD View, the view defaults to not showing the stack high water marks.
  • Fixed: [FreeRTOS] "Tasks" and "Heap Usage" views throw errors after resume.
  • Fixed: [FreeRTOS] Timer List view displays a Java exception instead of a user friendly error message.
  • Fixed: [SWO] Silent error (in log) reported after using the SWO Data view and pressing the "Terminate" button.
  • Fixed: [SWO] Continuous refreshing in SWO Config view when opening a debug session.
  • Fixed: [SWO] After terminating a debug session, if one of the SWO views is left running, an error message will continuously appear in the error log.
  • Fixed: [SWO] The timeline in SWO Interrupts View may be inaccurate for Cortex-M7 based devices.
  • Fixed: [SWO][Power Profile] Missing some of the available rates for PC sampling.
  • Fixed: [SWO] SWO not properly closed/disposed when the view is closed. This spoils the data collected when the view is reopened and a next SWO data collection session is started.
  • Fixed: [SWO] "Unlock access" operation for CoreSight components configuration is missing from the "SWO and Trace console" log.
  • Fixed: [SWO] NPE thrown in error log when debug session starts with SWO Data view opened.
  • Fixed: [Power Profile][SWO Profile] Wrong initial values displayed for profile sample rates (0.0Hz).
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Previously used probe/debug context not displayed/kept after terminating session.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Voltage "Read from target" fails if analog source is selected first.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] IDE crashes when Auto Scale button is pressed before doing any configuration.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Unable to interact with the view (zoom in/out, export data) after terminating a running debug session while collecting analog data.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Attaching to a debug session while data collection is in progress discards data already collected.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Canceling an import archive will corrupt the already loaded plot.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Wrong status message after changing to an out-of-debug probe while linked to debug context.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] t_last (the last time for the x-axis of the graph) label displays incorrect values when zooming in.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Cannot re-export Energy Measurement data after import.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] "Horizontal Measurement" does not work properly.
  • Fixed: [Install MCUXpresso SDKs] IDE filters now compatible SDKs versions.

Note. The fix is working for IDE versions no older than MCUXpresso IDE 11.5.0.

  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Unexpected "Memory type EEPROM for project 'null' is not supported" error message displayed after a project is created.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] On the "MCUXpresso IDE SDK uninstall" view, the buttons are no longer visible.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] The component dependencies are not correctly solved in the case of switching cores when creating a new (multicore) project.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] The generated linker script file name shall follow the project name.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Cannot find J-Link debugger script referenced in SDK (e.g. for RT1170 multicore projects).
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Multiple SDKs are unexpectedly enabled / disabled if they share the same identifier (so pointing to the same device target).

Note. The behavior after this fix is that for older workspaces, all the SDKs will be enabled. User will have to manually disable (or uninstall) undesired SDKs.

  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Missing source paths when adding components within SDK Component Manager view.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration][Ubuntu] Project names and descriptions are not displayed in the correct format on certain boards.
  • Fixed: [SDK Component Management] Changed the handling of the "Cancel" button during "Refreshing SDK Components". If the user pressed "Cancel" to abort comparison, the file was silently not replaced and the update mechanism continued with the next file.
  • Fixed: [NPW][SDK components selector] Board template cannot be deselected.
  • Fixed: [NPW] Errors after creating a new project with the same name.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LPC541xx][PEmicro] Starting a multicore debug session, the secondary cores are not able to execute application (wrong suspended state is shown instead).
  • Fixed: [Global Variables] The panning option in the graph is not enabled by default.
  • Fixed: [Global Variables] View not loading globals from ELFs specified in Other Executables section of a debug config.
  • Fixed: [Linker scripts] Some projects could produce axf files which fail to program in GUI Flash Tool.
  • Fixed: [Multicore] Unexpected secondary core's data sections shifting in the final multicore application image.
  • Fixed: [Multicore] Command line build in headless mode fails for multicore projects.
  • Fixed: [Project Manager] Missing header files in Project Explorer when using linked sources.
  • Fixed: [IDE][Probes discovered] The "OK" and "Cancel" buttons change location after a while or after clicking in different places.
  • Fixed: [IDE] Creating "baremetal" project fails and gives internal error.
  • Fixed: [IDE] NPE for Heap & Stack view with using make file project.
  • Fixed: [IDE] Different syntax coloring when project sources are copied vs linked.
  • Fixed: [IDE][PEmicro] IDE freezes while doing flash erase after a plain load image error encountered.
  • Fixed: [Dark Theme] Project highlight in Project Explorer is white.


Known issues

  • Please follow the KnownIssues.txt file from installation layout for a detailed list.
  • Note. Additional issues that will be found post-release will be added in an online version also aiming to describe workarounds when available.
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