Changing RT MCU in MCUXpresso IDE project

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Changing RT MCU in MCUXpresso IDE project

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Changing RT MCU in MCUXpresso IDE project

This exercise demonstrates how to port a project using MCUXpresso IDE and SDK from one RT MCU to another.  The exercise starts with an SDK demo project for the MIMXRT1060-EVK board, and ports to the IMXRT1050-EVKB board.


The "MCUXpresso IDE User Guide" installed with the IDE gives this warning:

changing a project’s associated MCU should not be undertaken unless you have a total grasp of the consequence of this change.  Therefore rather than changing a project’s associated MCU, it is strongly recommended that instead a new project is generated for the desired MCU and this new project is edited as required.  However, on occasion it may be expedient to reset a project’s MCU (and associated SDK)


I also recommend using a SDK project intended for the final MCU, and just port the application source files to it.  But here are the steps to port the project.  Also note, these two boards use different flash types by default.  In this example, the IMXRT1050-EVKB was reworked to use the QSPI flash on the board following Appnote AN12108.  Once the RT1050 EVK is modified to use the QSPI flash, it is the same flash used on the RT1060 EVK.


Resources used in this exercise:

  • IMXRT1050-EVKB board RevA1
  • MIMXRT1060-EVK board RevA2
  • MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0
  • MCUXpresso SDK from Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 
    • EVKB-IMXRT1050_SDK_2.8.2
    • EVK-MIMXRT1060_SDK_2.8.2


Attached to this post are two projects:

  • was the original SDK example running on the RT1060 EVK
  • is the final ported project, running from QSPI and RT1050



Following the "MCUXpresso IDE User Guide" section "Changing the MCU (and associated SDK)", changed the MCU to MIMXRT1052xxxxB.  Also changed the flash driver to MIMXRT1050_SFDP_QSPI.cfx.  If using Segger JLink, see to change the flash algorithm to QSPI.



And then changed the package/part number to MIMXRT1052DVL6B.



Changed the project name to evkbmimxrt1050_iled_blinky_ported

Changed the C Compiler Preprocessor definitions to the SDK device CPU_MIMXRT1052DVL6B



Replaced the files from the SDK package EVKB-IMXRT1050_SDK_2.8.2 (Note: MCUXpresso IDE supports "SDK Project Component Management", which could also be used for updating some of these files.  See section "SDK Project Component Management" of the IDE user guide.  But I replaced the files manually myself from the RT1050 SDK package):

  • device folder with the SDK files from\devices\MIMXRT1052. 
  • startup file from \\devices\MIMXRT1052\mcuxpresso\
  • drivers files from \\devices\MIMXRT1052\drivers\
  • board files, can use an SDK example for the ported device, or generate the clock_config and pin_mux files from the MCUXpresso Config tools
  • xip files would also need to be updated if flash configuration changes.  In this example, both boards are using the same QSPI flash, and these files are the same.

Device files.jpg


Delete the .launch debug configuration file in the project.  MCUXpresso IDE will regenerate it.


With these changes, the ported project runs on the RT1050 EVK.

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