KL03 bootloader DLL?

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KL03 bootloader DLL?

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I'm preparing for a KL03 design from our product dev group and I'm the guy who gets the production tools done.  We will be programming the uP in a production environment and from what I've found the serial boot loader is the way to go.  I will have a custom designed PCB for testing the product and I can easily add a serial port that the PC can use to program the KL03 directly but to do that I'd need a bootloader DLL and associated API documentation to make a PC app that talks to our internal database for programming parameters.  The other way is to code the boot loader into the uP on my custom PCB using the low level bootloader protocol documentation and use it to program the KL03.  The PC option would be much easier.  Is the DLL and API reference available and if so, where would I find it?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


KL03 chip provides the ROM bootloader.

NXP provides the Kinetis Flash Tool, which is a GUI application on Windows® OS, aiming to offer the user an ease-of-use friendly user interface to communicate with the Kinetis device, running the Kinetis bootloader application.

This tool Supports Kinetis devices with Kinetis ROM bootloader, Kinetis flashloader, or running the flash resident

Customer could get this tool at [NXP_Kinetis_Bootloader_2.0.0 package] software, which could be downloaded from here.

The <Kinetis Flash Tool User's Guide> could be found with below path:


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