I require IBIS models for your LX2160A processor

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I require IBIS models for your LX2160A processor

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I require IBIS models for your LX2160A processor. 

I've found an NXP presentation (AMF-NET-T3812.pdf - attached, note page 27) which says these are available:

LVCMOS, Dec 12, 2017
AMI: Oct 2018"

And obtainable in this way: "On External Sharepoint (nxp1.sharepoint.com/teams/ext204), request to be enrolled"

So, in an attempt to become enrolled, I utilized your online 'chat' feature and the support person indicated: "The IBIS model can be provided by the technical engineers if you requested in the technical community".

And they provided a link with instructions how to post a question.

Transcript attached.

So.....can you please get me these IBIS models!? They are urgently needed ASAP!

Thank You.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The IBIS model in question is confidential.

Please create a Technical Case using you corporate email and provide PDF copy of the NDA between NXP and your company:


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