LPC23xx ARM7 debugger probe

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LPC23xx ARM7 debugger probe

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Hi every one, please help if you know the answer.

what debug probe should I use when using LPC Xpresso IDE to program ARM7 chip? 

I know LPC LINK 1 or rRed Probe+ work. but these two debugger are no longer available to buy. 

can I use ULINK2 with LPC Xpresso IDE to program and debug ARM7 chips?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Note that generally we would not recommend using the old ARM7 based LPC2xxx MCUs for new projects, but rather look at using a Cortex-M based MCU. And if you do use an LPC2xxx MCU, then what you cannot do is use a CMSIS-DAP debug probe for debugging it via LPCXpresso IDE. For more details see: Which debug probes are supported by LPCXpresso IDE with which MCUs? 

All remaining stocks of Red Probe+ debug probes (discontinued 5 years ago now) were transferred to Embedded Artists - you would need to contact them to find if they have any left : Code Red's Red Probe+ | Embedded Artists AB 

With regards to LPC-Link(1)'s there may still some stocks of older LPCXpresso (v1) boards with some distributors that have this debug probe built in. Note that you will need to modify the board to allow it to be used to debug an external board though. For more details of potential LPCXpresso (v1) boards you might be able to use, please see: LPCXpresso Boards|NXP 

[Aside : Please note that our current toolchain, MCUXpresso IDE (which replaced LPCXpresso IDE back in 1q2017) does not support development / debugging of LPC2xxx parts at all.]


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