Problem with LPC51U68 by SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR.

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Problem with LPC51U68 by SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR.

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In: I have problem with SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR(7.30, 7.50, 8.20/8.30). Connected by 3 wire (GND, SWDIO, SWCLK). Production prototype board on LPC51U68. Flashed by USB in mass-storage mod (cool!).

Have: When try to debug or flash CPU write log "No reset"(or kind a) and "unable to read CPU-ID from Cortex CPU". Oscill show that on both SWD line presents activity. Same debugger work OK with STM32(and other) under IAR .

Q1: I need to modify my ST-Link to get right #RESET to reset board?

Q2: Anybody debug this CPU by ST-Link (and his clone) under IAR? What option I need to set for correct work?

(Sorry for ugly language...)

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Unfortunately, because the ST-LinkV2 is made for ST products, I do not have a way to test this with you. In addition I do not have information on the modifications that you may need to make to work with the LPC.

What I am able to do is check your schematic for the debug portion to see if there is anything wrong. If you could please send me that portion of your schematic I would be happy to review it. 

As far as the debugger, I would recommend to check the following posts as there may be some additional aspects you may need to consider to use the ST-LinkV2 with the LPC.

LPC13xx/LPC17xx with ST-Link

Using ST-Link to debug LPC1700 MCU

Have a great day!


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