LPC55S6x CPU1CLKEN bit questions

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LPC55S6x CPU1CLKEN bit questions

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I create sample project for CPU0 and CPU1 of LPC55S69 using LPC55S69-EVK and EWARM ver 8.40.1.

I can debug the project for CPU0, but I cannot debug the project for CPU1.

If I set CPU1CLKEN in the CPUCTRL register to 1, I can debug the project for CPU1.

Therefore I believe that the following description of CPU1CLKEN in the user manual rev 1.3 is incorrect.

   3   CPU1CLKEN   RW        CPU1 clock enable. 0x1
                                          0  The CPU1 clock is enabled.
                                          1  The CPU1 clock is not enabled.

I believe that we need to set CPU1CLKEN to 1 to enable CPU1 clock.

Am I correct?

Please reply as soon as possible.

Best regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Isao Takashima,

Yes, you are right. I will report this issue to Document team.

Also you can have a look at the multicore demo under SDK, for example the simple Hello_world:

set CPUCTRL bit3 to 1:


You can download the SDK package from: https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/select    

Hope it helps,

Have a great day,

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