BusFault when using lwip HTTP server

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BusFault when using lwip HTTP server

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I created my project using lwip_httpsrv_freertos example. I added some own api calls. But sometimes the program reaches BusFault exception and the program hangs. It happens while making api request only and it is totally random. Sometimes the program works for longer, sometimes exception is reached faster and always program counter shows xPortStartScheduler. I attached all information in photo. Sorry for bad photo quality :/

Is it the problem with lwip or FreeRTOS or is it problem with my code?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Could you please confirm the microcontroller that you are using? Also do you experience the same behavior with the example as is?

If not, could you also provide the description of the APIs you have added.

Generally the error that you have shown in your image, is easily identifiable. Being that the precise bit is on and the bfar bit is on, means that the address located in the BFAR register holds the information of when the exception ocurred. I suggest to check the instruction prior to.

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