LPC MCU Training Session _ SCT Cook Book

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LPC MCU Training Session _ SCT Cook Book

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LPC MCU Training Session _ SCT Cook Book

This cook book includes lots of interesting examples leveraging LPC MCU's powerful SCT Timer.

Have fun using them, creating more and sharing more.


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Have these examples ever been tested?  I'm looking at the RC5 examples and the send example is configured incorrectly.

LPC_SCT->CONFIG = (LPC_SCT->CONFIG & ~0x00060001) | 0x00000000; /* SPLIT */

/* MATCH/CAPTURE registers */
LPC_SCT->REGMODE_L = 0x0000; /* L: 2x MATCH, 0x CAPTURE, 3 unused */

This was auto-generated from some old RedSuite tool according to the header.  Not tried to run it yet to see what else is wrong.

And on a related note, how does one go about porting the old 'chip_8xx' library to the latest v3.02 lpcopen library?  For example, the cookbook source code has an sct_8xx.h that is vastly different to the latest one and has additional functions such as Chip_SCT_SetOutput() that don't appear in the v3.02 version.

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