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KSDK 1.1 Release

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KSDK 1.1 Release

Kinetis SDK 1.1.0 is now officially released! You can download it via the big "Download" button on the KSDK website at http://freescale.com/ksdk


There are Windows and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit installers available. KSDK 1.1 will install in a new directory, which by default is C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.1.0, and will not interfere with previous installations of KSDK except to (optionally) update the Windows KSDK_PATH variable used by Kinetis Design Studio.


A high-level overview of what's new in KSDK 1.1 can be found in the Kinetis SDK 1.1 Release Notes but the most significant changes are:

  • Additional devices supported
  • Atollic TRUEStudio 5.2 is now supported
  • Driver, HAL, and Platform Updates


There were also some other notable changes:

  • GCC Make System
  • Directory layout
  • CMSIS-DAP/OpenOCD debug configurations now provided by default for KDS
  • MQX for KSDK now included as option in the KSDK installer
  • MQX Kernel 5.0.1 now supports lightweight configuration option



1)      Additional Devices

The following devices are supported by Kinetis SDK 1.1



FRDM-K22F-K02 64*













*These boards do not physically exist, but you can use the associated board to develop code for the subset devices listed. So for instance, if you're interested in the K02 device, use the FRDM-K22F for evaluation but use the K02 libraries provided to write code which will run on the K22F since it is a superset device.


2)      Atollic TRUEStudio 5.2 support


3)      Driver, HAL, and Platform Updates

The HAL, Driver, and Platform code was updated with additional features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Several new peripherals are also supported which are listed in the Kinetis SDK 1.1 Release Notes. The Kinetis SDK v.1.1 API Reference Manual.pdf contains the latest KSDK API, and look at the updated demo projects for how to use the updated features like the power manager. There is now also the option to copy or not copy the vector table from ROM to RAM based on the linker file configuration using the ‘__ram_vector_table__’  argument in your IDE linker settings.


4)      GCC Make Changes

Compiling with GCC now uses CMAKE.  Details on how to setup your system for compiling with GCC can be found in the GCC section of the <KSDK_path>/doc/Getting Started with Kinetis SDK (KSDK).pdf document. If you have "C:\MinGW\msys\x.x\bin" in your PATH variable (as required by KSDK 1.0.0), remove it to ensure that the new GCC build system works correctly.


5)      Directory Layout

The HAL, Driver, and platform directory layout was slightly changed so that all the include files are now in a single directory instead of separate directories. This makes it simpler to add the include path into projects, and can also improve library compile times (by up to 50%). The KSDK platform library has also been slightly renamed to libksdk_platform.a


6)      CMSIS-DAP Debug Configuration

OpenOCD debug configurations in Kinetis Design Studio are now provided by default for boards that use OpenSDAv2. OpenOCD makes use of the CMSIS-DAP debug protocol.


7)      MQX for KSDK Installer

The Kinetis SDK 1.1 installer now includes options to install full MQX for KSDK support. The installation screen has also made it clearer during installation on how to select this option. There will no longer be a separate MQX for KSDK installer like there was for KSDK 1.0.


8)      MQX 5.0.1 Kernel

Support of MQX Lite configuration and new example application rtos/mqx/examples/. There are provided options for creating tasks from statically allocated memory and application can define these tasks before MQX RTOS starts (using create_task() API). More changes are detailed in the MQX Release Notes in <KSDK_Path>/rtos/mqx/doc/Freescale MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK Release Notes.pdf


This is just a high level overview of the changes, and should make developing applications using Kinetis SDK easier than ever.

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