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Hey guys,I need some help!

I'm working on a . and i'm trying to display a message on a 16X2 LCD using..

I'm still not able to find a useful tutorial or code.

Could someone help me with the code for it or me give some guidance on how to program the code?

Thank you!

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I've got some experience in this area.

To be honest, you're probably not going to find any references that are going to be exact - you're going to have to create your own code.  

Fortunately, you have two things in your favour.  1. the SDK code is pretty good for doing standard I2C operations and can be expanded to include DMA (although probably not required if it's a 16x2 character LCD) and 2. I2C, because of the definite Ack from the receiver you will know when you're communicating (even with out an oscilloscope, although I highly recommend having one to look at the lines).  

What is the device you're trying to connect to and what datasheet/resources (for the display as well as its controller) are available?  Often there will be Arduino libraries that can help show you the way.