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Save data in Flash Memory

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I'm acquiring data from Gyroscope, but because some spacial features I'm trying to avoid the use of any datalogger. So, is it possible to save data (.txt) in the microcontroller flash memory? I'm using the KL26Z128.

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The KL26 has internal Flash that can be used to save long words (32 bits) and sectors of 1k size that can be deleted individually.

This means that it is suitable for saving data (each unit written as a long word - or each write containing multiple binary values if each is smaller than a long word).

The data can be saved as ASCII (.TXT) but is less efficient than when saving as binary/HEX (needs at least twice the storage space).

You may like to look at the uTasker links below since it contains everything that you need to do such things efficiently (on KL26).

1. Flash storage system which allows you to write binary data to internal (or external SPI Flash) [linear storage with almost zero overhead]

2. USB-MSD which allows you to then see this as a file (or multiple files) on an external hard drive when the KL26 is connected to a PC via USB
3. Supports copying binary data (stored in Flash) to the PC as ASCII formatted content (eg, .TXT or .CSV etc) without needing to store the values in that format (therefore allowing >=128k files to be copied from 64k Flash storage in a KL26).

4. All operation can be tested / debugged in the uTasker KL26 simulator so development time can be greatly reduced compared to traditional methods




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