Programming a TWR-KW2x board using OpenSDA (miniUSB) port

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Programming a TWR-KW2x board using OpenSDA (miniUSB) port

Programming a TWR-KW2x board using OpenSDA (miniUSB) port

The TWR-KW2x board's OpenSDA is programmed with MSD (Mass Storage Device) application, that's why you see it listed as a disk drive.

With that firmware, you can drag/drop .bin and .srec files to the board and that would flash it, but you won't be able to debug.

For the boards to support download/debug features, the firmware for the OpenSDA had to be the Debug App ("DEBUG-APP_Pemicro_v108.SDA").

But PEMicro released a new firmware which supports BOTH functionality in the same firmware. You can also find it latest OpenSDA firmware at

For example: Firmware that supports Debug and MSD functionality for TWR-KW24D512: "MSD-DEBUG-TWR-MKW24D512_Pemicro_v114.SDA".

You can find attached the document with the instructions to modify the OpenSDA firmware on the TWR boards, basically you have to:

1. Unplug the board

2. Insert a Jumper in J30 to put the device in Bootloader mode

3. Plug in the board (Mini-USB)

4. Device will be enumerated as a "Drive Disk" But now with a "Bootloader" label

5. Drag and Drop the .SDA firmware to the drive (MSD-DEBUG-TWR-MKW24D512_Pemicro_v114.SDA)

6. Unplug the board

7. Remove Jumper

8. Plug in the board (Mini-USB)

Now you should see the board being enumerated as "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" (allowing you to download/debug) and also listed as a disk drive(allowing you to drag/drop images to the board).

Note1: If the "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" driver is not recognized, you can locate the driver within the TWR's Disk Drive (MSD)

Note2: Jumper has to be in place in J29 for debugging

Hope this info is helpful.

You can find additional information on  --> Downloads -> Board Support Package  AND BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit

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Could we also reprogram it to use OpenSDAv2:

There is a phrase in there that the PE Micro boot loader cannot be erased and JTAG is disabled.  If that is so (and hopefully just for the older freedom board), why does the TWR-KW2x have a 10pin JTAG for the k20 (OpenSDA)?


You can modify the OpenSDA firmware (PEMicro firmware) from the K20 device on the TWR-KW2x board to use Segger's J-Link CDC Port. This will disable the MSD functionality (Provided by PEMicro firmware) and would list the COM port as JLink CDC UART.


For more information see Modify OpenSDA firmware on TWR-KW2x

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