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With the merger of NXP and Freescale, the NXP USB VID/PID program, which was previously deployed on LPC Microcontrollers, has been extended to Kinetis Microcontrollers and i.MX Application Processors. The USB VID/PID Program enables NXP customers without USB-IF membership to obtain free PIDs under the NXP VID.

What is USB VID/PID Program?

The NXP USB VID program will allow users to apply for the NXP VID and get up to 3 FREE PIDs.

For more details, please review the application form and associated FAQ below.

Steps to apply for the NXP USB VID/PID Program

Step 1: Fill the application form with all relevant details including contact information.

Step 2: NXP will review the application and if approved, will issue you the PIDs within 4 weeks

FAQ for the USB VID/PID Program

Can I use this VID for any microcontroller in the NXP portfolio?

>> No. This program is intended only for the Cortex M based series of LPC Microcontrollers and Kinetis Microcontrollers, and Cortex A based series of i.MX Application Processors.

What are the benefits of using the NXP VID/PID Program?

>> USB-IF membership not required

>> Useful for low volume production runs that do not exceed 10,000 units

>> Quick time to market

Can I use the NXP VID and issued PID/s for USB certification?

>> You may submit a product using the NXP VID and issued PID/s for compliance testing to qualify to use the Certified USB logo in conjunction with the product, but you must provide written authorization to use the VID from NXP at the time of registration of your product for USB certification. Additionally, subject to prior approval by USB-IF, you can use the NXP VID and assigned PID/s for the purpose of verifying or enabling interoperability.

What are the drawbacks of using the NXP VID/PID program?

>> Production run cannot exceed 10,000 units. See NXP VID application for more details.

>> Up to 3 PIDs can be issued from NXP per customer. If more than 3 PIDs are needed, you have to get your own VID from usb.org: http://www.usb.org/developers/vendor/

>> The USB integrators list is only visible to people who are members of USB-IF. NXP has full control on selecting which products will be visible on the USB integrators list.

How do I get the VID if I don't use NXP’s VID?

>> You can get your own VID from usb.org. Please visit http://www.usb.org/developers/vendor/

Do I also get the license to use the USB-IF’s trademarked and licensed logo if I use the NXP VID?
>> No. No other privileges are provided other than those listed in the NXP legal agreement. If you wish to use USB-IF’s trademarked and licensed USB logo, please follow the below steps:
                1. The company must be a USB vendor (i.e. obtain a USB vendor ID).
                2. The company must execute the USB-IF Trademark License Agreement.
                3. The product bearing the logo must successfully pass USB-IF Compliance Testing and appear on the Integrators List under that company’s name.

Can I submit my product for compliance testing using the NXP VID and assigned PIDs?
>> Yes, you would be able to submit your products for USB-IF certification by using the NXP VID and assigned PID. However, if the product passes the compliance test and gets certified, it will be listed under “NXP Semiconductors” in the Integrators list. Also, you will not have access to use any of the USB-IF trademarked and licensed USB logos.

How long does it take to obtain the PID from NXP?

>> It can take up to 4 weeks to get the PIDs from NXP once the application is submitted.

Are there any restrictions on the types of devices that can be developed using the NXP issued PIDs?

>> This service requireds the USB microcontroller to be NXP products.

Can I choose/request for a specific PID for my application?

>> No. NXP will not be able to accommodate such requests.

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