Kinetis Rock 'n' Roll! 1kW Class-D Audio Amplifier

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Kinetis Rock 'n' Roll! 1kW Class-D Audio Amplifier

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Kinetis Rock 'n' Roll! 1kW Class-D Audio Amplifier

Reference Solution being developed with Kinetis V (also can be done with a Kinetis K device) of a Class-D audio amplifier.

  • 16-bit ADC sampling the audio input
  • FlexTimer doing the PWM's for the Class-D amplifier
  • DC/DC switched power supply with input of 12V and output of 130V to 180V (generates the power you need for making some good noise - 1kW) being controlled by the Kinetis MCU also.
  • Capabiltiy of Audio processing/filtering using the Cortex-M4 DSP capabilities.

Solution originally designed for cost-effective Automotive aftermarket sound systems. But can be adapted for implementing other audio amplifier applications also in the consumer space!

Can you thing of cool applications/markets that this solution can be also quickly adapted?

Soon, plan to make the reference solution design files available in the community. Stay tunned.



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