Kinetis K60 programming problem

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Kinetis K60 programming problem

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I´v got a tower module TWR-K60N512 a few days ago.


My first trials to get it running are almost successful. But there is one problem. I´m using IAR toolchain and SWD for programming and debug. Uploading applications to RAM works fine. Uploading to flash works fine as long as the debugger is present. I can single step and run the program. It starts at __iar_program_start as expected. But if I press Reset or do a POR, then nothing happens. It seems that the flash does not execute the program without the debugger. Once again - with debugger everything works fine.


Does anyone have a hint for me?


Greetings from Germany




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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Are you using the Flash taget? See Section A.6 Step 5 in the Kinetis Quick Reference Guide:


Also when stepping through, use the Disassembly window and register view window to ensure that the code you are executing is running from the Flash memory range (0x00000000 to 0x00080000). From the problem description it sounds like the code might be ran from RAM instead of Flash.


Hope that helps!