Kinetis CAD Footprints and Symbols for Eagle/Altium/etc

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Kinetis CAD Footprints and Symbols for Eagle/Altium/etc

Kinetis CAD Footprints and Symbols for Eagle/Altium/etc

We always received a question as below:

“Where can I find the Altium footprint for Kinetis device XYZ?”

First you can download the CAD file from the link below:

Kinetis Symbols, Footprints and Models|NXP 

  It need to download an Ultra Librarian tool and install it:

Ultra Librarian Setup

On Kinetis Symbols, Footprints and Models|NXP  I search for my device:


I select the device and download the BXL file:

Download BXL File
In the Ultra Librarian tool, I load that *.bxl file, select my CAD tool of choice (Eagle) and export it:
Ultra Librarian to Convert File
After exporting, a report is shown with the information where the files are stored (the duplicated folders are strange?) and instructions how to import it into Eagle:
Utra Librarian Export Log
Following these steps, I have now the footprint in Eagle :
Footprint in Eagle


Finally, I can get footprints from NXP for the Kinetis Devices. It requires downloading multiple files and a converter. But this is fine, as it offers flexible conversion to many different CAD and PCB Layout tools, including the popular Eagle and Altium.

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