KBOOT USB HID loader [uTasker Kinetis release V1.4.6]

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KBOOT USB HID loader [uTasker Kinetis release V1.4.6]

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Hi All


The uTasker serial loader has been updated to support either the HIDloader.exe from AN4764 or from KBOOT (winupdater.exe) [version 1.0.1] via USB HID device connection.

Although the KBOOT bootloader presently supports just a few select Kinetis parts the uTasker loader supports all KL and K boards!!


To anyone interested in using winupdater.exe with their device there are a few example configurations attached:


- TWR-K60F120



There are also interesting applications that can be loaded with the tool in the zip file (which show ADC/DMA operation and multiple network TCP/IP on the boards with Ethernet - similar to the application in this thread: Errors with the FRDM-K64F and KDS although I forgot to enable the sound recording to an SD card...).


These loaders don't support the UART loading via KBOOT but do allow SREC UART loading from any terminal emulator at 115KBaud. The boards with Ethernet have also a Web Server loader enabled in parallel (that means that the applications can be loaded either using the KBOOT tool via USB HID or by connecting via Ethernet at the IP address and posting the same file from that page).

The Etherent loader is of course the fastest method but the KBOOT USB HID operation with the uTasker serial loader is about 8x faster than the present KBOOT firmware version (this is not due to super-performance but rather the present KBOOT firmware sets the host polling rate too slow and so is rather sluggish).


Some tips for using the attached files:

- the serial loaders can be copied using CW10.x Flashing utility or mbed boot loaders

- To force the boot loader mode when there is already an application loaded hold SW2 on the FRDM-K64F and TWR-K60F120 boards or ground J1-6 on the FRDM-KL25Z

- when loading applications with the KBOOT tool set the offset to 0x00008080.

- when uploading your own application, link it to start at 0x8080

- when uploading application code using the Web server method the POST button is disabled when there is already an application loaded. To delete the existing application a password needs to be entered (this is p12X-k3ve2B1O2Ba when entered correctly it will delete the flash and then the upload POST button is activated and can be used).


If you want to build the serial loader or the application yourself - eg. for whatever board you are using - the uTasker V1.4.6 release is available at KINETIS Project Code and any Freescale board can be built for by checking and adjusting just 3 project settings (board define, compiler target type and linker script file to use) - see the CW10.x video [uTasker for Kinetis using CodeWarrior - YouTube] to see how and the same is (approx.) true for any of the following tools that work with it: CW10.x, KDS, IAR, Keil uVision, Rowley Crossworks, Atollic, GCC standalone and (new in this release) Coo Cox CoIDE.






New Freedom FRDM-K64F board


Original Attachment has been moved to: uTaskerV1.4_KBOOT_HID.zip

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