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New Freedom FRDM-K64F board

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Apr 8, 2014
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Hi All


The new Freedom board was unveiled at FTF Americas today I believe.

A port of the uTasker project has been made to it including board simulation as show below below - anyone who would like to play with a virtual FRDM-K64F can do so with the executable at


Just unzip the file and execute "uTasker_FRDM-K64F.exe" - this needs no installatiom but does need Winpcap to be installed on the PC (if you have Wireshark installed it is already there). The simulated device can be contacted on the IP address (web server, FTP, TELNET) and connects its UART0 to COM9 (using a virtual loop back to an emulator allows a command line menu to be played with - also the web server allows various things to be controlled). USB enumeration is simulated in the USB menu.


Hover your mouse over FRDM-K64F connectors to see the processor pins that they are connected to, their location on the processor, their present state and the peripheral functions that they support.


The 3 colour LED is also simulated - in the I/O command line menu (Telnet or UART) the ports can be controlled to turn on and off different colours to test the colour mixing.


Hope you have fun with it!!