Jlink not detecting the board after erase

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Jlink not detecting the board after erase

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Iam using Jlink hardware tool and Jflash lite software (V7.86e) to program the firmware file for my custom MKL16Z32VLH4 chipset board. The issue is when we are trying to erase the chip and program the firmware the chip is not detecting easily. It is taking many attempts to detect and program the firmware after erasing.

Can I know the issue and what will be the solution. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello, my name is Pavel, and I will be supporting your case, I suggest reviewing this post maybe could help you. You review if the RST is connected to the SWD interface that must be need controlled by the debugger.

Design Considerations for Debug - NXP Community

If you need a review of your schematic, I suggest opening an internal ticket, not in the community, and tagging my name.

Best regards,

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